The Mamelles Park

The Guadeloupe Zoo, or “Parc des Mamelles”, is located on the island of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe, in the town of Bouillante. Spread over 4 hectares, it is home to more than 450 animals of 85 species, mainly South American species. Visited by around 110,000 people each year (of which a third are from Guadeloupe), it is one of the main tourist attractions of the island in Basse-Terre.

The animals

The Mamelles Park stretches over 4 hectares of tropical forest. There are more than 450 animals from 85 rare and endangered species from the Caribbean and Guyana. These 85 species are made up of mammals, birds, reptiles and arthropods, which a landscaped and educational trail allows you to discover in a 2-hour visit.


Some of the mammals you’ll find in the Mamelles Park include:

  • Racoons (from Guadeloupe)
  • Mongeese
  • Coatis (mammal similar to the racoon, found in South America, Central America and Mexico)
  • Big cats, like the black Guyana jaguar or the ocelot
  • Monkeys, like the red-faced spider monkey or the squirrel monkey or sapajou, from Central and South America

You’ll also be able to find birds like conures, macaws (like the ara macao) and amazons, toucans, or even birds that are native to Guadeloupe. Several species of crab are also visible.

As for reptiles, you’ll find:

  • Different iguana species, like the green iguana or a species native to Guadeloupe
  • Turtle species, like the alligator turtle
  • Snake species like the reticulated python
  • Caimans
  • The black or white tegu, native to Argentina

Finally, you’ll also be able to get a close look at Guadeloupe’s insects in the insectarium:

  • The Dynast Hercules or rhinoceros beetle (the largest insect in the world)
  • Stick insects
  • Scorpions
  • Centipedes
  • Cassava ants
  • Anolis, a small iguanid found in the Caribbean as well as in the southeast United States

The botanical garden

The Mamelles Park also includes a botanical garden, where you can see tropical flowers and rare trees, such as century-old mahoganys. The plants are in their natural environment here, since the zoo is located right next to the Guadeloupe National Park and the Soufrière massif.


Some of the flowers visible during your visit include:

  • Porcelain roses
  • Anthuriums
  • Balisiers
  • Tree ferns
  • Wild orchids
  • Bird of paradise (or stretlizia) flower

Among the tropical trees of the Mamelles Park’s Botanical Garden are: 

  • The red mapou or sébestier, native to the Caribbean
  • The guava treeThe boswellia sacra
  • The Marcgravia umbellata L.
  • The bois bandé, native to the Antilles and known for its aphrodisiac properties


Adult Child Under 3-year-olds
One-day ticket €15.50 €9 Free
Year-round subscription €21 €11 Free


Individual tickets can be purchased online, but subscriptions must be bought at the entrance.

The Mamelles Park also offers group rates on demand over the phone at:

It is possible to pay:

  • In cash (euro or American dollars)
  • By cheque
  • By credit card (from €5)
  • ANCV holiday voucher

Practical information


The Mamelles Park is located on the Mamelles site, on the legendary Route de la Traverse (D23), in the town of Bouillante. The Route de la Traversée crosses the entire island of Basse-Terre, from Petit-Bourg to Pointe-Noire, for 17 km and through the mountain range. It passes through magnificent landscapes, including the site of Mamelles where Guadeloupe Zoo is located, in the heart of the dense forest.

The address of the Mamelles Park is the following: Route de la traversée, D23, Bouillante 97125.

To get there, you just need to follow the Route de la Traversée, and follow the signs mentioning “Parc zoologique et botanique de Guadeloupe”.

Opening hours

The Mamelles Park is open every day, including holidays, from 10am to 5.30pm. Last entry time is 4pm, and you should allow about 2 hours for your visit.


It is possible to see Guadeloupe Zoo in the rain. However, we recommend that you come on a sunny day to see as many animals as possible!

Visiting time

To visit the Mamelles Park as a whole, you should plan between an hour and a half and 2 and a half hours, depending on your pace of visit. Here is a little glimpse of what to expect.

Restaurants near the Mamelles Park

The Etoile de Guadeloupe is the closest restaurant to the Mamelles Park . Located on the Route de la Traversée, just in front of the zoo (a 1-minute walk), it offers excellent dishes (slate menus with 2 to 3 choices of dishes and desserts) in a magnificent setting, with panoramic views on the forest. You can enjoy cod acras and traditional dishes such as coconut chicken or sea bream fillet with maracuja sauce. Expect to pay €7 for a starter or dessert and €20-22 for a main course.

4 minutes away by car, also located on the Route de la Traversée, is the Gîte des Mamelles, a chalet that offers local starters and dishes (blood sausage, acras, stuffed crabs, fish with maracuja sauce, country vegetable gratin, colombo, crab kalalou, ouassous fricassée, etc.). The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday, for lunch only. Expect to pay around €30 for a meal.